I'm honored the invitation of the International Society for the History of Medicine, to do the technique of marquetry motif of Dutch surgeons Andrea Vesalius (1514-1564). for the cover page of their e-journal Vesalius. Since 1995, the Society has published twice yearly the journal Vesalius, its official organ and meeting point for all those interested in the history of medicine and of the biomedical sciences.
Rakic Dusan Marquetry Design,Zeleznicka 8 21235 Temerin (serbie), Marquetry Design is an artistic craft workshop that cherishes and practices traditional craft skills of marquetry. Our intention is to refine and promote the aesthetics of modern living through the production of furniture and interior marquetry technique. Offered a broad spectrum of natural textures and colors of precious and rare species of veneer, ecological process of making marquetry applications and of course, the beauty of traditional handicraft manufacturing-techniques., Décorateur sur bois Marqueteur

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